dakwah Programmes

The Islamic Programmes at An-Nahdhah are managed by the Dakwah Unit . It consist of daily religious activities such as congregational prayers, for example, the 5 daily prayers, Friday prayers, and Terawih prayers, as well as structured religious courses, on-going religious classes such as kuliahs, religious talks and workshops such as the Solat Clinic.


An-Nahdhah also offers special religious services or events such as the annual Qurban, Yassin & Tahlil as well as the bi-monthly mass Khatam Quran. More information can be found on our Facebook  page.


The Dakwah Unit at An-Nahdhah also actively seeks to reach out to the wider Muslim community such as the non-Malay speaking Muslims, Muslim converts and to non-Muslims. In collaboration with the Harmony Centre housed within the mosque, various initiatives are also planned to promote greater understanding of Islam and Muslims to the general audience. Updates on any such upcoming activities can also be found in the Events page.

Weekly programmes

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Kuliah zuhur

Kuliah maghrib


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