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Core Values

The aLIVE programmes seek to inculcate values through modelling so that students can see them being exemplified by their teachers. Teachers will also facilitate the learning of these values by providing opportunities to the students to personally engage in the moral-building journey. This is the divine instruction given in the Qur'an and followed by the early generations of Muslim scholars.


To strengthen and enlighten Islamic Values, Islamic history and Civilization




Develop understanding of Islamic beliefs and practices. Respect the diversity in culture and traditions of different communities.



Effective Teaching and Learning

Our teaching approach uses meaningful, values-based, interactive methods to aid active learning and participation.



Useful and interesting topics help students to hone their thinking skills, deepen their knowledge and make real-world connections. This in turn improves their inter-personal communication skills with family, friends and strangers.

Spirit of Inquiry and Discovery 

Students will be shown how to view the Quran as living and relevant sources of knowledge for them to consistently discover.

Spiritual and Character Education 

Students are taught beliefs, duties and responsibilities, virtues, prohibited manners, feelings, attitudes, life and Quranic Literacy skills.

Challenging and Inspirational Skills

The aLIVE Programme cover a range of topics from knowing Allah and Islam, becoming a moral and caring with others in a moral manner.


The aLIVE programmes adopt a thematic approach to learning. Different themes appropriate for the different levels have been developed so that lessons can be delivered effectively. The subjects on Aqidah and Fiqh are presented as "Faith and Practices", Akhlak as "Character and Life Skills", Sirah and Tarikh as "Social and Civilizational Islam" and Iqra' and Qur'an Reading

as "Qur'anic Literacy".

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